Project Management

Does your organization have an upcoming project that you need to have managed from beginning to end, and within budget?

I have many years of project management experience in manufacturing, IT, Internet/web-based, marketing, health insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare environments. I can manage projects face-to-face, or virtually. My training and certifications in project management come from UW-Madison, PMI (Project Management Institute), the Milwaukee School of Engineering, GE, and others.

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My Experience in Project Management:

Managed the implementation of a client that would double a mail-order pharmacy's output, and created a new central fill pharmacy at the same time.

Designed, tested, and deployed Business Process Management software (Ultimus) that improved a hospital call center by eliminating all hand-written paper forms.

Designed forms, dashboards, metrics, staffing, financial analysis, and other business tools in Microsoft Excel.

Analyzed staffing processes at two local hospitals and provided suggestions for creating a centralized nursing pool.

Integrated new and enhanced web applications, services, and systems within a health insurance company.

Managed all technical and marketing collateral within launch dates and budgets in a manufacturing environment.

Lead lean, cross-departmental improvements within a 400-employee manufacturing company.

Designed and implemented training programs within insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing organizations.

Performed product development for water conditioner valves, controllers, components, and electronics.

Wrote business requirements, use cases, test plans, and cost-benefit analysis within a health insurance organization.

Managed the implementation of a web-based pharmacy data tool, saving $4.5 million annually in underwriting costs.

Implemented a web-based tool to track, monitor, and help sales managers manage their prospects and clients.

Produced an Internet site to help health insurance shoppers compare rates, packages, and receive quotes.

Implemented compliance and regulatory requirements into ongoing projects.

Constructed a new employee fitness facility, which included initial user feedback, equipment selection, construction, and exercise class setup and design.

Implemented documentation manage systems within manufacturing environments.